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Switching Stories: John Igoe

Up and down the country, businesses large and small are taking the opportunity to help themselves to some great offers, courtesy of Business Banking Switch. Here, one of them shares their Switching Story.


Meet John Igoe

Voy Trade Centre sells used cars. The Oldham company was given the opportunity to apply for Business Banking Switch. But at first, company owner John Igoe, couldn’t understand why he was being offered money to switch banks.

“At first, I thought it was a bit of a scam. It’s not often people send you an email offering you money.”

John called the bank and discovered “it was a bona fide opportunity to switch bank accounts” and that, actually “it’s been beneficial to the business.”

How did you choose your new bank?

After using the Business Banking Switch website, John registered an interest with three banks.

“The one that I went with, the chap from the bank actually phoned me, invited me to his office for a meeting. He went through the banking procedures.”

John is very happy with the new bank’s facilities and features.

“The new account was set up in a couple of days”, he said.

“The portal that we use is very, very easy to navigate. We can use it at weekends where I couldn’t use it at weekends in the past.

“I don’t have to have a chip and pin reader, they just send a code to my phone to be able to make transfers. So I really enjoy using it, it’s so easy to use.”

How was the switching process?

“The Current Account Switching Service did that for us. There was no issues and the payments were made on time.”

A smooth switch to the new bank was vitally important to John.

“We have so many standing orders and Direct Debits going out each month and it’s so important to have them paid on time.

“Any late payments can incur late payment charges and spoil your reputation with suppliers.”

He said everything went without a hitch.

Why did you choose the offer you did?

The switching incentives that John received have reduced his banking costs and allowed him to invest in stock.

“At the end, I got 18 months free banking and a lump sum payment.

“I thought it was superb. The incentive that I was paid has enabled me to buy a coupe of cars. So it has given me two opportunities to earn a little bit of profit on top of that as well.”

Any final thoughts?

“Business Banking Switch was so easy. It was quick, seamless and very honest, just like the way we like to do business.”

The communication of Business Banking Switch offers by Royal Bank of Scotland to eligible customers does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of those offers. Customers must consider the full terms and conditions of the products offered in line with their current and future banking needs, and seek independent advice where necessary. Available offers may change or be withdrawn at any time. The scheme funds are limited and may run out before the planned end date of the scheme. Customers must apply to open a new business current account with a participating bank by 28th February 2021 and have completed their switch and closed their Royal Bank of Scotland account by 30th June 2021. Each participating bank’s own application process, criteria and conditions apply and these may change from time to time. Neither Royal Bank of Scotland nor any third party will have any liability in relation to any decision taken by a participant bank.

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