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Switching Stories: Gil Smith

Up and down the country, businesses large and small are taking the opportunity to help themselves to some great offers, courtesy of Business Banking Switch. Here, one of them shares their Switching Story.


Meet Gil Smith

Orthoptic Supplies Ltd., has been selling optical and orthoptic equipment to the NHS and independent opticians for around 30 years.

Company director Gil Smith recognised the opportunities presented by Business Banking Switch, but as a commercial business he was also concerned about potential disruption.

“I feared any disruption that changing bank accounts would cause”, he said, “because disruption for business is not good.”

“To be honest it’s been absolutely seamless. It’s been brilliant.”

Incentives available increase opportunity

Orthoptic Supplies also received a financial incentive for switching banks. It has opened up potential future business opportunities for Orthoptic Supplies Ltd.

Gil said: “It was a huge cash incentive that would help me to perhaps develop further lines or do things that I wasn’t otherwise able to do.”

How did you find the switching process?

“There was no disruption. The business has run completely seamlessly.”

As a commercial business, part of Gil’s concern was the complexity of their banking and finances.

“We have over 40 suppliers and we have 200 NHS trusts as customers. I wondered how it would affect our relationship if they suddenly were told to pay the money they owed us into a different bank account.”

Once Orthoptic Supplies had chosen a new bank, the actual switch was conducted by the Current Account Switching Service.

“The Current Account Switching Service put all the suppliers details and all my NHS trust customer details across to the new bank account.”

How was the process overall?

“All our payments went out as normal. All our payments came in as normal. To be honest, it’s been absolutely seamless. I can’t find fault with it at all.”

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