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Switching Stories: Don Walton

Up and down the country, businesses large and small are taking the opportunity to help themselves to some great offers, courtesy of Business Banking Switch. Here, one of them shares their Switching Story.


Meet Don Walton

Don Walton is a national leader of governance in education. His company Don Walton NLG provides “support for governing body of schools.”

When he was given the opportunity to switch banks, at first he was concerned it might be a nuisance.

“Changing anything from where you are, I think most people are reluctant."

Why did the scheme interest you?

But when he looked into things further, he was pleased with what he found.

“Once I got some of the information about the details of Business Banking Switch I think I was pretty comfortable.

“I thought the range of alternative banks was great. I found a list of advantages and facilities that would suit my business down to the ground.”

What made you choose the offer you did?

Having found out more about the alternatives on offer to him, Don chose the company’s new bank on the basis of fees and the financial reward for switching.

“Having to pay fees is a concern", he said. “I was interested to see what the alternatives would be".

“I chose my new bank on the basis of the no-fee structure and the cash incentive. I have to say, I was surprised at the size of the incentive.”

How did you find the service?

Don’s initial uncertainty was replaced by satisfaction with the switching process, his new bank and the cash reward.

“I think it’s great. I am very pleased with the new bank. I am very pleased with the service that I get. I don’t have any regrets at all in making the move.”

He added: “It was painless, quick and, with the incentive, very pleasing.”

What would you say to those considering Business Banking Switch?

“For people who haven’t switched their accounts yet, I would say that I think they would find the experience relatively painless.”

The communication of Business Banking Switch offers by Royal Bank of Scotland to eligible customers does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of those offers. Customers must consider the full terms and conditions of the products offered in line with their current and future banking needs, and seek independent advice where necessary. Available offers may change or be withdrawn at any time. The scheme funds are limited and may run out before the planned end date of the scheme. Customers must apply to open a new business current account with a participating bank by 28th February 2021 and have completed their switch and closed their Royal Bank of Scotland account by 30th June 2021. Each participating bank’s own application process, criteria and conditions apply and these may change from time to time. Neither Royal Bank of Scotland nor any third party will have any liability in relation to any decision taken by a participant bank.

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