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Switching Stories: Daniel Lewis

Up and down the country, businesses large and small are taking the opportunity to help themselves to some great offers, courtesy of Business Banking Switch. Here, one of them shares their Switching Story.


Meet Daniel Lewis

Join The Cloud Ltd. runs IT training courses for businesses which means Founder Daniel Lewis is often on the road.

“I’m quite a mobile person”, he said. “I work away from home a lot.”

So a large physical branch network was less important for him than a great mobile app when he was choosing a new bank for the company with Business Banking Switch.

What interested you in the scheme?

“It was a good choice of banks available”, he said.

The company’s new bank, he said, is “very much focused on working wherever you happen to be, working from a mobile phone.”

Why did you choose the offer you did?

As well as being happy with the mobile banking app, and the cash reward for switching, Join The Cloud also received reduced banking fees for an introductory period.

“My new bank I’m very happy with. I can do everything I need to do with it. I can go to the Post Office to pay money in or I can do most of my transactions online. It’s absolutely great. There’s very low fees. Most of it is free, in fact, so I’m very happy.”

How did you find the service?

Dan said he was impressed with how “quick and seamless” it was to make the actual switch.

“Switching accounts was very easy, very simple. I simply signed up with my chosen new bank and then sat back and did very little.”

“Over the next few days my direct debits were transferred over, my standing orders, and my cash balance was transferred from my existing bank into the new one.”

A great outcome

“When my wife came home from work that day and I just said I’ve actually got this bonus in my account and I’m all ready to go and everything is switched over, she couldn’t quite believe it.”

The communication of Business Banking Switch offers by Royal Bank of Scotland to eligible customers does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of those offers. Customers must consider the full terms and conditions of the products offered in line with their current and future banking needs, and seek independent advice where necessary. Available offers may change or be withdrawn at any time. The scheme funds are limited and may run out before the planned end date of the scheme. Customers must apply to open a new business current account with a participating bank by 28th February 2021 and have completed their switch and closed their Royal Bank of Scotland account by 30th June 2021. Each participating bank’s own application process, criteria and conditions apply and these may change from time to time. Neither Royal Bank of Scotland nor any third party will have any liability in relation to any decision taken by a participant bank.

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