Everything you need to know about Business Banking Switch

This section will help you understand why Business Banking Switch is happening, as well as answering any questions you may have about the scheme and the switching process.

If you would like further support, you’ll find contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Help categories

Changes to offers

The offers for certain customers who switch to a participating bank through Business Banking Switch changed from 25 March 2020. You can find out what this means for you here.

All about Business Banking Switch

Find out all about Business Banking Switch, from the reasons for the scheme through to the details of how it works, including information on the participating banks.

Am I eligible to take part in Business Banking Switch?

Want to know the eligibility criteria and what accounts can be switched? Answers to that and more can be found here.

The Business Banking Switch offers

Details on the offers and options available when browsing, and support with submitting your interest.

The simple switching process

If you find an offer (or more than one) that could benefit your business, you’ll want to know the next steps to switch, the support that’s available to you from us and/or the Current Account Switch Service, and how long it will take. Answers to those questions and more, are here.

Further support

Information on data privacy, the account details that you’ll need, withdrawing from the scheme, contact details and more.

Businesses with complex needs

If you hold multiple accounts and products with us, your Relationship Manager or usual contact can give you more details and personally guide you through the switching process.

What documentation will I need to switch?

Information and documentation required to switch your business current account, including useful information from UK Finance.

Switching Stories

John's Switching Story

“Business Banking Switch was so easy. It was quick, seamless and very honest, just like the way we like to do business.”

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Gil's Switching Story

"To be honest, it's been absolutely seamless"

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Daniel's Switching Story

“Switching accounts was very easy, very simple.”

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Darren's Switching Story

"The offers are great and the service is slick and professional"

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Clare's Switching Story

"Business Banking Switch has been crucial in helping me to expand and grow my business"

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Don's Switching Story

“I don’t have any regrets at all in making the move.”

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Dan's Switching Story

"I'd do it again in a blink"

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Stephen's Switching Story

"Everything was all set up in a line for us, ready to move"

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The communication of Business Banking Switch offers by Royal Bank of Scotland to eligible customers does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of those offers. Customers must consider the full terms and conditions of the products offered in line with their current and future banking needs, and seek independent advice where necessary. Available offers may change or be withdrawn at any time. Each participating bank’s own application process, criteria and conditions apply and these may change from time to time. Neither Royal Bank of Scotland nor any third party will have any liability in relation to any decision taken by a participant bank.