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The communication of Business Banking Switch offers by Royal Bank of Scotland to eligible customers does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of those offers. Customers must consider the full terms and conditions of the products offered in line with their current and future banking needs, and seek independent advice where necessary. Available offers may change or be withdrawn at any time. Each participating bank’s own application process, criteria and conditions apply and these may change from time to time. Neither Royal Bank of Scotland nor any third party will have any liability in relation to any decision taken by a participant bank.

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Your account details will be used to:

  • check that you are eligible to take part in the scheme
  • display the offers available to your business

Where do I find these details?

You’ll find your account details in the following places:

  • Online banking or mobile app
  • Bank statement
  • Cheque book
  • Paying-in book

You’ll find your transaction code in the confirmation email we sent when you submitted your interest in the offer(s).